Negotiating With Creditors,
10 Tips On How To Repair Your Credit And Settle Your Debts!

When negotiating with creditors, prepare complete and accurate financial statements in advance of negotiations. Make certain they are truthful. Be sure to list all other creditors with claims against you.

When you are trying to negotiate with your creditors, negotiate in good faith. Try to be fair to your creditors. Unless you enlist your largest creditors first, it is unlikely you will persuade the smaller ones.

When you negotiate with creditors Be flexible because your creditors only want their money. Treat all creditors equally. One creditor cannot get a better deal than the other creditors.

Follow these tips when negotiating with creditors:

  • You may be surprised to learn that creditors cannot send you to jail or take away your possessions (except for motor vehicles, income or property) if you owe them money.
  • Some will write off your debt as a tax-deductible business loss, and eventually the debt will become noncollectable. This will depend on whether the debt is secured or unsecured.
  • Try to remain as polite, calm and non-confrontational as possible throughout your conversation with creditors. If you convey your need for assistance and willingness to work together, you're much more likely to negotiate successfully.
  • Creditors become increasingly motivated when you fall behind on your payments. Agree to make a token payment - this demonstrates to creditors that you intend to pay off the debt when you have available funds and that the amount you owe is not a lost cause.
  • Always get in writing a copy of the agreement between you and the creditor.
  • Negotiate to have any negative remarks be removed from your credit report by each creditor. Your credit rating, you must ask to have your credit rating upgraded as you make timely payments. This alone can be a powerful tool for rehabilitating your credit.
  • Try to repay a percentage of the debt in lump sum cash payments (25-35 percent) You may try to repay higher percentages with more patient creditors, but insist that payments be made over months or even years.
  • The amount to be paid often starts out low. Offer 10% more than your creditors would receive under a bankruptcy ruling. Trade increases in 5% increments in exchange for substantial creditor concessions.
  • Never ever offer to pay more than you have available. Your plan must be realistic to work.

Negotiating is particularly effective if you have priority creditors, such as the Internal Revenue Service.

When you negotiate debt creditors hesitate to stand in the long line with many competing creditors, or stand behind as formidable a creditor as the IRS who always gets paid first.

Negotiating With Creditors On Payments:

Immediate vs. future payments offer an immediate payment based upon what you can afford to pay. Future payments must be based solely upon your surplus income only.

Length of payments vary, although every creditor wants full repayment, you should never agree to more than your down payment plus two years surplus income.

The possibility of returning merchandise, returned merchandise must be regarded as cash paid to your creditor.

Interest payments.

Fight for low interest or no interest payments. Inform your creditors that they do not receive interest at all in bankruptcy court.

Negotiating about your future business, The prospect of future sales can be enticing to creditors.

A creditor stands to make much more money in the future than he lost in the past. However, only cooperative creditors are deserving of your future business.

Negotiating With Creditors, 10 Tips On How To Repair Your Credit And Settle Your Debts For Pennies on The Dollar!

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