Credit Repair Yourself, The First 3 Steps You Must Take!

Credit repair yourself, Find out if you need a credit repair service to help with your credit score or is do it yourself credit repair really better. Learn the 3 steps you must do first!

You don't have to be a lawyer or accountant, nor do you have to pay a credit repair company to help you. Others can only give you tips to help you out. If you have bad credit, then you have to do the fix your credit yourself by taking these 3 necessary steps.

Many negative remarks cannot be deleted without cooperation from the creditor, because the entries are accurate and the creditor persistently cooperates with the bureau’s request for verification. Your goal then is to persuade your creditors to soften their stance by either toning down or entirely deleting their remarks from your credit report.

In the next stage we will get more creative and attempt to persuade the creditor to remove the damaging remarks completely. But for now we only want to turn those current bad debts into positive credit ratings. Here are three credit repair yourself steps to follow:

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Do Credit Repair Yourself

Credit repair yourself step 1:

Set up a worksheet for each creditor.

Accurate record keeping is an essential part of your dealings with the creditors who still give you bad marks. Use a creditor worksheet containing names, account numbers, credit remarks, and any other documents, correspondence or notes you have on your dealings with them.

Credit repair yourself step 2:

Write to each creditor.

After studying all the facts concerning each account and the nature of the credit complaints, write each creditor explaining your version of how the problem arose.

Be specific and give all the relevant details, including full documentation. Perhaps your company went bankrupt suddenly, or you lost your job. Or perhaps you were detained several weeks in a foreign country while on a business trip and therefore unable to pay your accounts on time.

Remind the creditor that you eventually paid, and mention that you appreciated his or her services and products in spite of the payment problems that arose.

Appeal to the creditor’s compassion; ask that the bad marks be removed now that the account is settled, or ask that the creditor put a statement into your credit report stating that the account is paid up. As you write the letter, consider it in light of your other accounts that may have been affected by the same circumstances.

Each letter you send should be consistent with the others so that, if your creditors new comments appear on your credit file, they will appear reasonable and consistent. Don't send in weak excuses for late bill-paying habits.

Use strong, compelling reasons Send the letter by certified mail, return receipt requested. To help document the process, keep a copy of each letter and receipt with your worksheet file.

Credit repair yourself step 3:

Order an updated credit report after 30 days.

Your letters may convince your creditors to cooperate and remove dings. Allow about 30 days for the creditor to respond, and then order a new credit report to see if the creditor has made any changes in your report. Have the remaining bad marks been deleted? Have some softer remarks been added?

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