Debt Elimination Woman
15 Great Debt  Tips And Credit Repair For Women!

Debt elimination woman for the average woman may be somewhat different from what would be suggested for the average man. Think about it. Women are typically moms, wives and often even breadwinners. They take care of the home and this often includes the household financials. Debt elimination is not easy, but you can get through it.

  1. Make a budget and stick to it. Make it flexible and realistic, but make one today.
  2. Change your spending habits, what you are doing obviously isn't working. Find a better way.
  3. Get rid of all the expenses you don't really need, at least for now, until you payoff your debts.
  4. Don't borrow money to pay off your debts.
  5. Find a credit counseling service. They will help you pay down your credit card debts. 
  6. Use only one credit card. The fewer credit cards you have the less you will spend.
  7. Hack away a little at a time, but don't make more bills while paying off your debts.
  8. Keep a spending log. Track every penny you spend, keep a small logbook.

Debt Elimination Woman 

  1. Maximize your 401k or 457b contributions.
  2. Get a copy of your credit report, you are entitled to one free credit report a year
  3. Use the snowball method to pay off your debts and watch them melt away.
  4. Pay more than the minimum payment on your credit cards each month.
  5. Pay off high interest credit cards first and use that money to payoff the next debt.
  6. Take a class in money management and consider debt consolidation.
  7. Think positive and believe that you will get out of financial trouble.

Save, save, save. The easiest debt elimination tip for a woman is probably the most difficult to stick with, but hang in there.

Debt elimination is not easy, but you can get through it. You may choose to go with a debt elimination program, but you still have to learn how to manage your money so that you don't  get into financial trouble again.

These debt elimination tips from debt elimination woman will help you to get out and stay out of debt.

When debts rear their ugly heads, it can be intimidating and overwhelming, particularly if you are dealing with kids, home, husband and work. You may have some trouble getting your feet under you and deciding which direction to take. once you take care of your debts its time to work on your credit score.

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