These Are The Six Questions You Must Ask Every Credit Repair Attorney!

A good credit repair attorney will talk with your creditors and negotiate lower interest rates, lower payments and the elimination of any late fees so that your payments will be much lower.

Quite often, they will negotiate a settlement on your debt, reducing it so that it is more manageable for you and easier to pay off. They will also negotiate how your paid off account will be recorded on your credit report so that it reflects positively and shows that you satisfied your account in full.

Finding a good credit repair attorney though, can be difficult. There are many attorneys who are practicing, but some are better than others. When you are looking for a bad credit repair attorney to hire, there are a few things you need to ask.

Six questions you must ask every credit repair attorney.

1. Have they ever done credit repair for clients?

Everyone has to start somewhere, this is true, but do you really want an attorney using you as his or her guinea pig? Do you really want to put your financial future in an attorney’s hands who is not experienced?

Attorneys need to practice and learn the various areas of law in which they are interested, but you really don’t want an attorney practicing on you and learning from mistakes made at your expense.

2. Do they know the terminology?

When you talk to the attorney, does he or she know the lingo? Do the use terms such as FICO score and interest rate? You want your attorney to know the terminology so that they can effectively communicate with your creditors and make the necessary arrangements to allow you to pay off your account and have a positive notation regarding the debt on your credit report.

If the attorney does not know the language then it isn’t very likely that he or she will be able to effectively communicate with your creditors about a positive resolution.

3. Have they ever been suspended or reprimanded by the Bar?

You want to check out the attorney that you select to make sure that they have never been reprimanded by the Bar or been suspended from the Bar. You don’t want an attorney who has ethics violations or has a checkered professional past.

You will be placing what is essentially your financial future in the hands of your attorney, you want to know without a doubt that you can trust them.

4. Are they properly licensed?

Make sure that your attorney has the proper certification and licenses for your state. You may also want to check for additional certifications, particularly those of a financial nature.

This can be of great help when he or she is negotiating your debt with your creditors. If they have certifications or training in the financial field, it may give them a bit of a competitive edge.

5. How much do they charge for their services?

Price is an important part of any transaction. You want to know the price going in so that if it is too steep you can pull out and look elsewhere.

Before you toss out a perfectly good attorney because their rates are high, ask if you can pay a little at a time or even if their rates are negotiable. Also remember, though, that a higher rate does not a better attorney make.

6. Do they come highly recommended?

Did anyone you know recommend this attorney to you? Using an attorney who comes highly recommended by people you trust can help you a lot. It is one of the best ways to find and choose an attorney, particularly a credit repair attorney because your financial future is riding on their skills and abilities.

However you decide to address your credit problems, realize that regardless of what you may hear in the news media, thousands before you have sought help and restored their credit. When your debt has gotten out of hand and you decide to take action, you may consider using a credit repair attorney.

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