Credit History Repair
The 3 Most Common Factors That Can Lower Your Credit Score!

Credit history repair your bad credit history improve the 3 most common factors that can lower your credit score and repair bad credit history online using credit repair services!

Repair bad credit history online before you apply for a loan or credit, and that means checking your credit report for errors now. Because to a loan officer your income, employment history, assets, liabilities, credit score and numerous other factors play a significant role in his or her decision to offer you credit or a mortgage. This is why credit history repair is so important now!

When you apply for any type of credit, your credit report and credit score will be checked. And to get the lowest interest rate possible you will need to have a good credit history and a high credit score.

For example, under the Experian credit scoring system a score of:

  • 340-600 = highest possible risk to the lender
  • 601-660 = medium-high risk
  • 661-720 = medium risk
  • 721-780 = medium-low risk
  • 781-820 = low risk

This means that a 720 credit score will get you the very best interest rates and terms available. Which can save you thousand of dollars over the life of the loan.

Credit History Repair! The 3 Most Common Factors That Can Lower Your Credit Score Are:

  1. Owning too many credit cards: simply owning too many credit cards increases your potential for indebtedness.
  2. Too many current accounts with outstanding balances regardless of your ability to pay, lenders view this as a potential problem.
  3. Failure to significantly reduce loan amounts your level of debt is too high in relation to your total credit limit and to your total loan amounts. The best strategy is to have few debts and keep balances low.

Be aware that while a lender will certainly evaluate your credit history, it is only one component of the final decision.

While there are many different scoring models, and not all bureaus use the same model, lenders will use the score as a time saving summary of your credit report.

Some credit bureaus charge for the score, some provide it for free if you purchase your credit report, and others tie the score to a subscription package.

Since your credit score is based upon your credit report, the way to improve your credit score is by improving your credit report.

Start today, because credit history repair is vital! Just remember, credit bureaus accept without your knowledge any negative information about you whether from a creditor or other source, and regardless of whether it is true or not.

The credit bureau is under no obligation to check the accuracy of this credit information until you challenge it.

Unfortunately, creditors will rely heavily upon the information in your credit report though the credit bureau has no responsibility for its accuracy at all. The burden is on you to keep your report as accurate as possible.

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