Credit Card Offer Why You Must Compare Each Offer You Receive To This Check List!

Instant credit card offer strategies anyone can use compare each visa credit card application, master card credit application and joint credit card application you receive to this check list!

Learn how compare each credit offer and become a discriminating shopper. Find out what the best deals are before you select a credit card. After you receive your application forms in the mail.

Look for the following credit card offer information:

  1. What is the annual percentage rate used to compute finance charges?
  2. Is there an annual fee? If so, how much?
  3. What is the policy governing cash advances?
  4. Does the bank offer special services such as prestige cards or automatic teller machine (ATM) facilities?
  5. Is there a grace period before finance charges begin?
  6. Does the bank compute finance charges by the adjusted balance method, the previous balance method, or the average daily balance method?
  7. Are there any restrictions on how you may choose the card?
  8. Does the bank originate its own cards or does another institution originate the cards?
  9. What are the bank’s collection practices and how lenient is it with borrower problems?
  10. Is this the only credit offer available from them?

Why Credit Card Brokers Are Really Just Sending You A Credit Card Offer!

Easy credit card, you may have noticed ads in national magazines guaranteeing Visa, MasterCard, or other credit cards even if you have a poor credit history. These companies are, in most cases, merely taking advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge.

They are simply furnishing applications for:

  • unsecured credit repair credit cards
  • joint credit card application
  • pre-approved credit cards
  • unsecured credit repair credit cards
  • apply for mastercard
  • apply for visa card
  • and prepaid credit cards
sometimes collecting a non-refundable processing fee for doing so.

Others send a booklet or an instructional sheet explaining secured credit cards. Save the $50 to $75 fee these firms will charge you. With the information here, you are well prepared to obtain credit cards on your own.

You also should know that credit card companies offering the best rewards and lowest interest rates may have strict credit requirements. If you don't meet the application criteria, they could end up sending you a different card with less favorable terms.

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