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Each bureau knows that having bad credit on your record can hurt you financially. Your credit report is the history of your credit activity which the bureau keeps track of. This record could be the best asset or worst liability you have.

Creditors who subscribe to these companies pay to obtain the credit information contained in those files. Usually the same potential creditors who receive information about you also provide information to the bureaus.

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When you fill out an application for credit from a bank, store or credit card company, that information is forwarded to a bureau, along with constant updates on the status of your account, address or any other change you have made since the last time you applied for credit.

But not all creditors report what they know about you to the bureaus most report negative information first. And of those that do report negative and positive information, not all report the entire contents of their files. For these reasons alone, it is essential to know what is contained in your credit report.

The creditors who deal with the bureaus most often, for purposes of both receiving and issuing information, are:

  • the commercial banks, including their credit card departments
  • mortgage lenders
  • credit card companies
  • the larger savings and loan banks
  • major department stores
  • and finance companies

The accounts that are not usually reported to a bureau may include but are not limited to:

  • utilities companies (Phone, Cable and Electric)
  • hospitals
  • credit unions
  • oil company credit cards
  • and checking and savings account information

Since checking and savings account activity is usually not reported to the bureaus, there is little chance a bounced check history will be reported.

For businesses that report to the bureaus, transfer of account information is a simple matter of sending the bureau a computer disks every month or quarterly, transmitted either by snail mail or over telephone lines and the Internet.

These disks contain your account information and any changes and additions to be made to your credit file, and thus ensure continuously updated credit profiles on you.

The credit repair report secret to winning creditors over is by building and maintaining a good credit score.

You're entitled to one free credit report by law a year. To order your free annual credit report from one or all national consumer reporting companies, visit:

A good credit history at the bureaus, shows your creditors that you have the ability and most importantly the willingness to repay a loan.

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