Learn How A Credit Repair Agency Can Quickly Fix Bad Credit In 30 To 45 Days!

Best credit repair agency. Learn how credit repair agencies using legal aggressive credit repair strategies Can quickly fix bad credit and raise your credit score ratings 60 to 90 points and even help with establishing credit after bankruptcy!

A credit agency can, through vigorous application of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) remove negative marks from your credit report. Many entrepreneurs have opened businesses that claim the ability to clear your credit record.

The credit repair strategy these clinics use generally works, clearing most of the negative items (true or not) from your credit profile years before they would have been eliminated under the time limits set by federal law.

How does a credit repair agency really operate?

First, they know what credit bureaus will not tell you that each item on a record must be proven if it is to remain. If the bureau cannot prove the item, it must be removed from the file regardless of whether it is true or not.

The clinics also know that every negative entry can be denied or challenged at any time. The bureau's must then re investigate. If the item cannot be re verified within 30 days, it is automatically removed from your file.

The credit repair agency will have you send a letter to the credit bureau denying all of the negative items in your file. You will state that the negative items are incorrect, or that it isn't your account, or that you don't recall making a late payment.

The letter is sent to the credit report bureaus with a demand for reinvestigation of the disputed items. About a 30 days later you will receive a corrected report that likely has some of the negative items removed.

How were these blotches removed by the credit repair agency?

There are several things that can force the credit report bureaus to erase the items. It may run up against the time limit for re verification. It could have been very busy and not had the time to handle it properly. There’s also a small chance that a negative item will be mistakenly erased. Operators do make errors.

Please note that if you currently have a controversy with a creditor, that creditor will almost always make a strong effort to keep the negative item on your record.

However, the urge to keep it on diminishes once the problem has been rectified.

When the credit report bureaus contact the original source of the data to verify account information, sometimes the creditor does not verify or fails to do so within the time limit. Some creditors do not bother to respond to re verification because it is extra work for them.

If you have had trouble with an account in the past but it is corrected now, the creditor may not care to continue punishing you, and eventually may give up on re verification.

Many creditors keep account information for only two or three years. So if you challenge an item that old, it is possible that it cannot be verified, since the records no longer exist.

A good credit repair agency also understands the value of persistence. After one to six months, the agency will have you send another letter to the bureau, starting the process all over again.

And the credit repair bureau usually encourage you to continue this until all of your negative items are removed.

Should you tire of this at any point, the clinic will have you add a consumer statement counteracting any negative items that may be remaining on your credit profile.

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